942 Limestone & Marble Cleaner

Description and use

Sure Klean® 942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner is a ready-to-use nonacidic alkaline cleaning gel. Designed for removing moderate to severe atmospheric staining, this low odor gel cleaner is appropriate for use on exterior or interior masonry surfaces.

Safe for use on most polished or unpolished marble and limestone surfaces, 942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner removes surface and subsurface staining, restoring surfaces to their original appearance.

942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner dissolves damaging gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) and related atmospheric staining, enabling removal in a safe, controlled manner with a simple water rinse. Special detergents and chelating agents in this easy-to-use product improve the cleaning characteristics of the gel.

When applied to soiled masonry surfaces, Sure Klean® 942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner solubilizes oil, dirt, harmful salts and other deep-seated stains. Following a 2-to 24-hour dwell period, the solubilized staining matters are carefully removed with the gel and the treated surfaces flushed with fresh water to restore their natural appearance. No abrasive action is required so polished surfaces retain their original finishes. 942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner's gel consistency is suitable for brush or spray application.


  • Thoroughly cleans without danger of etching or bleaching. Restores the color and surface texture of most polished and unpolished stonework.
  • A safe, low-odor, nonacidic cleaning system suitable for interior or exterior applications.
  • Will not damage most flooring materials and adjoining surfaces.
  • Gel consistency prevents dripping and spilling. Material "clings" to vertical surfaces.


  • Should not be applied at subfreezing temperatures. Gel will freeze.
  • Surface and air temperatures should be at least 50° F (10%). Cold temperatures will adversely affect the cleaning properties of 942 Limestone and Marble Cleaner.
Container Info
SKU Size Weight Ship ID*
20096-05GAL 1/5 gal 47 lbs 1
20096-05GALPLT 32/5 gal 1561 lbs 1
*Shipping Descriptions
Ship Id Hazardous Keep From Freezing Freeze Point Flash Point Shelf Life NMFC
1 No No 25 >200 2 yrs 48580 SUB 3
Description: Non-hazardous/non-regulated (compounds, cleaning, noi liquid other than corrosive)
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