Poultice Powder

Description and Use

Stand Off® Poultice Powder is an odorless, nonacidic blend of dry absorbent clays that makes custom poultices effective against efflorescence, embedded salts and other contaminants.When mixed into a poultice paste with water, or recommended cleaners, Poultice Powder safely removes surface and embedded soiling and stains from polished stone and porous masonry. Poultice Powder will not etch or discolor marble, limestone or other acid-sensitive surfaces.

Mixed with fresh water or a recommended cleaning additive (see 'Application'), Poultice Powder produces a smooth paste suitable for trowel application to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Left on the surface for 12 to 48 hours, the “pulling” action of Poultice Powder draws oil, dirt, embedded salts and other deep-seated stains into the poultice paste for easy removal.

Used as a general-purpose cleaner, or for selective removal of isolated staining, Poultice Powder is safe for a variety of interior or exterior cleaning requirements.


  • Cleans without etching or bleaching polished and unpolished marble surfaces.
  • Safe, odorless, nonacidic - ideal for interior application.
  • Harmless to most flooring and nearby surfaces.
  • Paste makes uniform application easy and safe.
  • Mixes with a variety of PROSOCO cleaners to create custom poultices for cleaning nearly any embedded staining.
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