Thin Brick Cleaner

Description and use

Sure Klean® Thin Brick Cleaner effectively removes excess grout and mortar that has been modified with latex or other acrylic additives. It provides an effective, safe alternative to acidic compounds for removing common construction and atmospheric staining from thin clay brick veneers and other architectural surfaces. Thin Brick Cleaner rids masonry of excess grout, mortar, embedded oil, grease, efflorescence and dirt. It is ideal for projects where traditional acidic cleaners are not allowed.

Non-fuming Thin Brick Cleaner contains no hydrochloric or other traditional inorganic acids and is safe for use on and around most metal surfaces. Additionally, it is up to 70 percent more effective than citric and glycolic acids, and 50 percent more effective than phosphoric acid.

Container Info
SKU Size Weight Ship ID*
S10055-01GAL 1/0 gal 0 lbs 1
*Shipping Descriptions
Ship Id Hazardous Keep From Freezing Freeze Point Flash Point Shelf Life NMFC
1 Yes No -22 >200 3 yrs 44155 SUB 3
Description: UN3265, Corrosive liquid, acidic, organic, n.o.s. (Contains Urea salts), 8, II
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