R-GUARD FastFlash

FastFlash is part of the family of PROSOCO R-GUARD® products developed to prevent the unwanted movement of water and air through building envelopes. Utilize FastFlash as a liquid flashing membrane in rough openings and to counterflash waterproofing and air barrier components in new or existing wall assemblies. This single-component, 99% solids, Silyl-Terminated-Poly-Ether (STPE) is easy to gun, spread and tool to produce a highly durable, seamless, elastomeric flashing membrane.

Use FastFlash as a liquid flashing membrane in rough openings of structural walls. Allows same day installation of windows, doors and other wall assembly, waterproofing or air barrier components.

Use FastFlash to adhere, transition and counter-flash through-wall sheet flashing.

Suitable for all climates, FastFlash bonds directly to damp or dry surfaces and cures under a variety of weather conditions. It simplifies the process of producing watertight details in new or existing construction.

Use FastFlash as part of a building wide R-GUARD Air & Water-Resistive Barrier system, or to complement conventional waterproofing or air barrier components.

Appropriate for vertical or horizontal, above-grade applications to concrete, masonry, natural stone, structural sheathing, architectural metals, painted metals, glass, PVC, FRP, EPDM and most other building materials.

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Fluid-Applied Air & Water Resistive Barrier System View
Fluid-Applied Rough Opening Remediation Flashing Membrane View
Fluid-Applied Weather & Air Barrier System for Ventilated Cavity View
Container Info
SKU Size Weight Ship ID*
70400-05GAL 1/5 gal 66.6 lbs 1
70400-05GALPLT 24/5 gal 1598.4 lbs 1
70400-CASE 12/1 Tube (29oz) 37 lbs 1
70400-CASEPLT 420/1 Tube (29oz) 1295 lbs 1
70400-SAUSAGE 20/1 Sausage (20oz) 40 lbs 1
70400-SAUSAGEPLT 900/1 Sausage (20oz) 1800 lbs 1
*Shipping Descriptions
Ship Id Hazardous Keep From Freezing Freeze Point Flash Point Shelf Life NMFC
1 No No ND ND 1 yrs 33880 SUB 2
Description: Non-hazardous/non-regulated (compounds masonry waterproofing liquid or paste)
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