Sacrificial Coating SC-1

Description And Use

Defacer Eraser® Sacrificial Coating SC-1 is a clear, water-based sacrificial coating for control of graffiti on most building surfaces. SC-1 acts as a graffiti barrier, preventing spray paints, crayons and ink from penetrating and staining the underlying surface. Graffiti is removed from protected surfaces by high-pressure hot water, Defacer Eraser® Graffiti Wipe or Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper.

The coating must then be reapplied to restore the graffiti barrier. SC-1 allows cost-effective control of chronic graffiti without chemical strippers or abrasives that can damage building surfaces or the surrounding environment. It allows protection of limited areas and spot reapplication without a noticeable change in overall color or appearance. SC-1 complies with all known regulations limiting Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content. The coating is formulated as a water-thin liquid for spray application to porous and textured surfaces.


  • Allows quick removal of tough graffiti stains from porous and dense surfaces.
  • Multi-purpose - suitable for masonry, wood, metal and most painted and synthetic surfaces.
  • Does not darken or alter natural color.
  • Allows same-day reprotection.
  • Good UV stability to provide minimum five years exterior performance.
  • Protected areas "breathe" - protects without heavy buildup.


  • Abrasion will damage coating.
  • Graffiti resistance may be reduced by maintenance cleaning.
  • Reapply sacrificial coating to restore graffiti resistance.
  • Not suitable for horizontal surfaces.
  • May blush on certain substrates. ALWAYS TEST.
Container Info
SKU Size Weight Ship ID*
57057-01GALCS 4/1 gal 37.8 lbs 1
57057-01GALPLT 144/1 gal 1425 lbs 1
57057-05GAL 1/5 gal 44.6 lbs 1
57057-05GALPLT 32/5 gal 1497 lbs 1
*Shipping Descriptions
Ship Id Hazardous Keep From Freezing Freeze Point Flash Point Shelf Life NMFC
1 No Yes 32 >200 2 yrs 149980 SUB 2
Description: Non-hazardous/non-regulated (paints)
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