World of Concrete 2017

Floors, walls to masonry, we'll help you #MakeItLast

World of Concrete 2017

In addition to PROSOCO's many pioneering "firsts" in the construction industry, we also know how, from decades of experience, to make buildings last. Helping buildings stand the test of time is important to us, and we know it's important to you. That means we invest in quality, from the ingredients in our products and the purpose-driven design of each of our formulations to your field staff that helps you deliver the highest caliber of precision and workmanship on which you stake your reputation!


Where to Find Us

Stop by our booth S10946 to get some face time with our team and to learn about our customized solutions for your biggest challenges.  



This year, PROSOCO is excited to showcase all our latest products, technologies and our specially formulated solutions to make floors, masonry, walls and buildings last longer. Before your arrival in Vegas, you’ll want to be sure to reserve a spot in one of our private panel discussions to hear from leading experts in the industry.


A Retail Success Story: ShopKo's Switch to Concrete Flooring 

 retail session

A growing number of retailers are choosing exposed concrete floors in their stores. Now is the time to learn how to successfully manage a fleet of retail stores and create a maintenance plan that will ensure the longevity of their programs.

Want to grow your business portfolio with retail? Join us at World of Concrete 2017 for a can't-miss discussion on what it really takes to earn and keep retail finished concrete flooring business. We're bringing in the experts who have not only been there, but who have also experienced success along the way.



New Silica Dust Rules: What You Need to Know 

Silica session

If you work in almost any facet of the construction industry, the new rules from OSHA affect you, and it’s no joke. OSHA says the new rules on silica dust can prevent up to 600 deaths a year. Get all the details on this new ruling, including how to comply, in our special session on silica dust. 


"Multipurpose" Misses the Mark - Avoid Facade Cleaning Catastrophes

If you work in the business of cleaning masonry substrates, you likely know from experience that a “multi-purpose” cleaner often misses the mark. Pick out products with an express purpose, like the ones that PROSOCO has custom-formulated since our beginning in 1939. 



Bridging the Gap Between Building Envelope Design and Common Construction Practices

As a design professional, you have the very highest standards for your projects. As a contractor, you have the challenging responsibility of constructing per the contract documents and the industry's standards. Meanwhile, building science and what comprises today's building envelope is rapidly changing and increasingly complicated. 



Tools to Make Your Floors Last


Concrete Floor Owners Manual 

Everything you need to know about caring for Consolideck floors at your fingertips. This four-page guide walks you through cleaning,  refreshing, revitalizing, and maintaining your polished concrete floor.

Consolideck owners manual



Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors presentation

During 2014 World of Concrete, Kevin Sigourney presented on how proper maintenance of polished concrete floors is important for your floor, for your business, and for our industry. And perhaps better yet? Advocating a proper maintenance plan to your customers can set up repeat business and generate recurring revenue.

Sigourney-Maintenance presentation



Concrete Floor Maintenance Guide 

How often should you clean, auto scrub & protect floors? We've got a chart for that & more. 

Concrete Floor maintenance guide










Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors video 

This video has some tremendously useful insights about how to keep polished concrete floors as gleaming and glossy as when they were installed. The video starts with an example of a 4-year-old fitness center floor that still looks as good as it did on day one.

Concrete floor maintenance video










Maintenance Guidelines (bilingual)

An easy step-by-step guide to keeping your concrete floors clean and ensuring many years of service before revitalization is needed.

 concrete floor maintenance guidelines










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