Consolideck Accessory Products

Consolideck Accessory Products

The Consolideck system is not just chemicals, it's the tools that you need to make your polished concrete floor great. The Consolideck line includes the Brightwell ECOMIX COMPACT high-flow dispenser, the HEAT High-Performance Burnishing Pad, and our micro-fiber applicator pads.


Brightwell ECOMIX COMPACT high-flow dispenser

Designed to automatically dilute Consolideck cleaners with water into a ready-to-use solution. Designed for use with Consolideck cleaners DailyKlean and LSKlean, the dispenser connects to 1-gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers for easier cleaning and maintenance of concrete floors.

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HEAT High-Performance Burnishing Pad

Heat – 91.5 degrees – from friction melds Consolideck® LSGuard™ into concrete floors for gloss and durability beyond compare. And no pad gives you 91.5 faster and longer than the Consolideck HEAT High-Performance Burnishing Pad.

Available in:


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All Purpose Microfiber Pad

This all-purpose 18” Microfiber Pad is specifically made for spreading material ultra-thin. It works wet or dry, for cleaning or coating and can be machine washed. After application, just rinse out and put the pad in a bucket of water until you can wash it and it comes back like new. The looped pile microfiber weave lets the pad glide across the floor quickly, smoothly and easily. There are no snags or hang-ups as with standard terry cloth or sponge applicators or cotton mops and it won’t leave fabric fibers on your floor.

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Applicator Frame & Handle Combo

This heavy-duty aluminum handle has a fast, easy turn and lock extension system. The applicator head is built with riveted velcro for easy use &

Available in:
59” solid pole
72” adjustable pole

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