Emergency Water Stop seals leaks-- even underwater

FastFlash vs. Peel and Stick

We have this really cool product, R-GUARD Emergency Water Stop. It fixes anything that’s leaking water — even if the water is pouring through the leak at the time!

You can fix leaks that are under water. Emergency Water Stop cures under water — or out of the water. It’s not a permanent fix. Will probably last about a season in the outdoors. It’ll stop a leak in a boat, for instance, but eventually you’d have to get the leak repaired structurally.

But there’s nothing bettter in an emergency… hence the name.

To show how great the stuff actually is, we built an open-top plywood box, with one side of plexiglass. We made sure there was a healthy gap between the plexiglass and the plywood edges. The idea was that we’d fill the box with water from a hose, water that would immediately leak out — until we sealed it all up with Emergency Water Stop.