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Grind-N-Fill earns Declare label Red List-Free designation

A PROSOCO Consolideck product that speeds up concrete floor finishing jobs has achieved the highest designation for Living Building Challenge ingredients transparency.

Consolideck Grind-N-Fill, a liquid micro-crack and pinhole filler used during the grinding and polishing process, now carries a Declare label from the International Living Future Institute. PROSOCO completed an extensive formulary material review to confirm that the product contains no worst-in-class chemicals present on the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List. Red List-compliant products are required on LBC projects.

This latest Declare label gives designers, contractors and applicators the advantage of a complete system of concrete floor finishing products that meet prerequisites and credit requirements in LBCv3, LEEDv4, and WELL building projects. Six Consolideck products are now Declare-labeled, including LS, LS/CS, ColorHard, PolishGuard, GuardEXT and Grind-N-Fill.

“The Consolideck Declare systems approach simplifies the specification and documentation process for green building practitioners and consultants,” said Dwayne Fuhlhage, PROSOCO’s Sustainability Director. “Grind-N-Fill is designed to help improve existing floors or new and imperfect slabs. In addition, Declare-labeled wet-applied products must meet LEEDv4 Low Emitting Materials testing and credit criteria.”

Introduced in 2012, Grind-N-Fill reduces production time for contractors. Topically applied during grinding, it creates a slurry-like liquid that fills pinholes, pop-outs and micro-cracks in the floor. Grind-N-Fill creates a monolithic surface that polishes faster, more easily and more effectively. With gaps and imperfections filled, the floors accept hardener/densifiers, protective treatments and color-stains more evenly.

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