How to use First Cut from Consolideck



The two most expensive parts of any polished concrete job are 1) labor and 2) diamond tooling. That's why the team in the PROSOCO lab formulated Consolideck First Cut to make the wet-grinding process go faster (big savings on labor costs) and to extend the life of diamond tooling (big savings on diamond costs). The way that First Cut does this is pretty simple (and kind of ingenious). During wet grinding, First Cut lifts concrete slurry away from the surface so that you get more diamond contact on the actual concrete you are polishing. With each wet-grinding step in which you use First Cut, scratches are minimized, so you can move onto the next step faster. (Even though First Cut reduces scratches, we don't recommend skipping steps in the grinding process.)

We got Bruce Ferrell, one of our Concrete Flooring experts, to walk us through the process of using First Cut during the wet-grinding phase of a concrete floor.