R-Guard Air and Water Barrier Product FAQs

Answers to the most common questions about R-Guard

October 11, 2017

PROSOCO R-Guard is a family of compatible, fluid-applied air and water-resistive barrier products designed to work together to achieve an energy-efficient building envelope. Performance-tested and proven to withstand extreme weather conditions, R-Guard products help buildings become more durable, resilient and sustainable. It’s no wonder they’ve been used on some of the most iconic sustainable buildings in the world, including the world’s greenest commercial building, Seattle’s Bullitt Center. 

R-Guard air and water-resistive barrier systems stop air leakage through wall structures, rough openings, sheathing seams, and material transitions while preventing water from penetrating the exterior sheathing and causing damage to the wall. They also enable walls to dry out, eliminating the chance of condensation forming inside the wall and leading to destructive mold problems. R-Guard air and water-resistive barriers make for considerably more efficient buildings than ones where traditional sheet membrane air and water-resistive barriers (building wraps and peel-and-sticks) are used.

R-Guard products are designed for better performance and easier application. All R-Guard products can be applied by roller, airless sprayer or trowel (in less time than conventional peel-and-stick membranes). R-Guard’s five silyl-terminated polymers (STP) products are waterproof immediately and adhere to damp substrates, meaning they can be applied rain or shine. Read the contractor’s wish list of desired attributes of a fluid-applied line of flashing membranes.

What is the difference between PROSOCO's fluid-applied products and traditional air barriers? 

Though relatively new in construction, fluid-applied air and water barriers are sweeping the industry because they perform better than most sheet membrane air and water barriers, and are also much easier to apply, saving contractors time and money.

The real difference you get with R-Guard products is the company that makes it. PROSOCO has been pioneering and promoting fluid-applied detailing and flashing products for more than 10 years, where others are just now entering the market. R-Guard products come with independent proof of 10-year performance in real-world projects. No other air barrier manufacturer can claim that. Read How to build durable buildings - a FastFlash Case Study of 10-year performance. 

Is the R-Guard system environmentally friendly? 

At PROSOCO, we’re committed to making R-Guard the leading choice of environmentally responsible air and water-resistive barriers on high-performing buildings. We led the charge to remove phthalates and all other harmful ingredients as needed to be Red List-compliant for use on Living Building Challenge projects. Now five R-Guard products (Cat 5, Cat 5 Rain Screen, FastFlash, Joint & Seam Filler and AirDam) are Red List-compliant and feature Declare labels for sustainability and transparency. R-Guard products have been used on many of the world’s best-known green buildings, including the Bullitt Center in Seattle.

Is R-Guard compatible with other wall components? 

R-Guard products are compatible with a number of exterior wall substrates. They easily adhere to CMU backup walls, pre-cast concrete and exterior sheathing for cavity wall, masonry veneer construction, stucco, EIFS and most other building wall assemblies.

R-Guard products provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of typical construction substrates and most products that may be used in the wall assembly. Of course, field conditions may vary, so contact our building envelope experts for answers to your specific compatibility questions here.

What are the coverage rates of R-Guard products? 

Coverage rates will vary depending on surface porosity, moisture uptake, and other factors. OSB, CMU and some gypsum sheathing products are highly absorbent and require additional material to achieve hide and the necessary mil thickness for a pinhole-free barrier. In those cases, more than two coats may be required. Actual application rates must be determined through field mock-up applications.

Does R-Guard self-seal around fasteners? 

R-Guard products seal around most fasteners and comply with nail sealability ASTM D1970 standards.

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