We made it first. We make it last.

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” – Winston Churchill

We made it first. We make it last.

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Published July 14, 2017


The buildings we occupy define us. They fill our memories and shape communities. Buildings are more than just empty walls and shelter. They are our workplaces, our favorite gathering spots, our homes. They are monuments dedicated to us and our lives.

Since 1939, PROSOCO has made it our business to innovate products that make all buildings last.

Our cleaners and protective treatments maintain the integrity of new and existing masonry, and breathe new life into the buildings our communities are built around.

Our Consolideck concrete flooring products prepare and maintain jaw-dropping, sustainable floors that last even longer than the memories made on them.

Our R-Guard air and water barriers seal and prevent damage to buildings made for the next generation and generations to come.

We commit ourselves to quality because we know how important our buildings can be. When you build with the highest-quality products on the market, you expect longevity. That’s where we come in. Our products have always been carefully formulated and manufactured to perform to the highest standard of quality in the industry.

Whether you specify, stock or apply PROSOCO products, you can be sure that you’re getting the best.

Our customers know they can trust the quality and care that goes into every ounce of our product. That trust comes from PROSOCO’s nearly 80 years of making the things that matter the most last.​




Cleaners and Protective Treatments

We made it first.

Since first incorporated by Al Boyer as the Process Solvent Company in 1939, PROSOCO has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the chemical construction industry.

The hardships of starting a business in the Depression didn’t deter Al. During and after the war, he loaded his car with PROSOCO products and drove through countless Midwestern towns, many times with his son Jerry riding shotgun, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products to one customer at a time.

From there, business grew steadily and PROSOCO went on to create the first of many product innovations for the restoration and preservation industries.

PROSOCO performed the first-ever restoration cleaning in the United States in 1956, when Jerry Boyer devised a gentle yet effective technique for cleaning the delicate terra cotta surface of the Mountain States Telephone Building in Denver, Colo.

We’ve ushered in many more “firsts” in the industry since then, including proprietary cleaners for new construction, preservation treatments and siloxanes.

We make it last.

Preserving our masonry structures (new and old) and ensuring their long lives is in our DNA at PROSOCO; it defines our reason for being. The tasks that make up our days are all pointed in the same direction ― making buildings last. PROSOCO products have helped countless buildings weather the test of time ― from nationally recognized U.S. monuments and statues to iconic skyscrapers.




Concrete Flooring Products

We made it first.

PROSOCO led the finished concrete flooring industry with its launch of Consolideck products nearly a decade ago. Among our many first-to-market innovations are a lithium-silicate densifier and a guard for concrete floors.

Our Consolideck products are also the first (and currently only) concrete flooring products to achieve industry-leading labels in material health. LS is the first lithium-silicate densifier to achieve a Declare label, giving it the green light for the world’s most rigorous building standard, the Living Building Challenge. Several other Consolideck products, including LS/CS and ColorHard colors, are compliant with the Living Building Challenge’s Red List.

We make it last.

Customers trust the Consolideck brand because of our history of innovation and our commitment to the highest quality products to make floors last. A properly maintained concrete floor can last a hundred years or longer. That’s several times longer than an average floor covering like carpet ― which often needs to be replaced every 10 years or so and ends up in a landfill. We’re committed to helping our customers deliver high-quality floors that can last the lifetime of a building.




Air + Water Barriers

We made it first.

When PROSOCO introduced the R-Guard line of products in 2005, it was the first thin-mil, breathable air barrier on the market, and the first fluid-applied silyl-terminated polymer flashing. Builders loved it because it revolutionized the way they waterproofed their project, saving countless man-hours over traditional water barriers.

R-Guard once again made waves in 2012 when we decided to remove phthalates from our silyl-terminated polymers. At the time, no other manufacturer was willing to disclose ingredients in their products to the degree needed for the Living Building Challenge’s Red List. Because of this transparency, R-Guard became the most-trusted waterproofing solution for sustainable building projects like the world-renowned Bullitt Center.

We make it last.

R-Guard was born when our founders challenged us to find a way to make buildings last longer through an air- and water-tight building envelope. Conventional standards for air barriers at the time weren’t acceptable, and buildings were failing and leaking much more frequently, and much earlier than they should.

PROSOCO raised the standard, creating the first fluid-applied membrane and flashing that protects buildings’ walls from air and water penetration while still allowing them to breath, giving them the ability to last for the entire life of the building.




Resilient + Durable Design

We made it first.

Breaking barriers in transparency and meeting Living Building standards for R-Guard was just the beginning. PROSOCO boasts a long list of firsts in the world of resilient,  sustainable construction. Our products are the first in more than one division to hold a Declare label. PROSOCO also played a foundational role in many green building organizations, including the HPD Collaborative, SCS, Living Building Challenge, and others.

We make it last.

PROSOCO’s mission to make buildings last longer closely mirrors those of organizations committed to resilient and durable design. When you build with standards to maximize energy efficiency, specify healthier materials, and reduce or eliminate buildings’ dependence on fossil fuels, the result is a building that will outlast its neighbors made through conventional construction methods.

Read our case study on the R.W. Kern Center, which builder Jonathan Wright of Wright Builders says is designed to “have a 100-year service life.”


Our commitment to the DESIGN

We know the pressures that architects face every day. In addition to balancing demands of community, environment and economy, design professionals also feel the weight of seemingly endless project details and how all those moving pieces are ultimately carried out to create the whole.

Design professionals have long trusted the history behind the PROSOCO logo ― our reputation among the design community is one of innovation built on time-tested and field-proven products. We’re not new to this game, but we’ve also never stopped forging the future of the industry with our market-leading product technologies. All of those innovations include ways to make the things you design last. Not just 10 or 20 years, but decades, centuries even. That’s a legacy of durability that you can bet your reputation on. 

Our commitment to the BUILD

There’s no BS about our products. Simply stated, they work. And they make buildings last longer. We know that as a builder, you prize the quality of your workmanship above all else, and our mission is about making your success possible. For nearly 80 years, we’ve been in the business of making high-quality buildings that last. That’s why so many builders trust the PROSOCO name to help them produce a premium, long-lasting end result that elevates their reputation.